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International programmes

Each student of Mendel University in Brno may spend part of his/her studies abroad at some of the partner universities. Besides improving the knowledge of foreign languages, students can also obtain new and valuable experience as well as practical skills and establish new contacts with friends abroad. The length of the stay abroad ranges usually from three to twelve months. In the course of their studies, talented students may travel abroad, not only to nearly all European countries but also overseas, i.e. Latin America, USA, Canada, Africa, South-East Asia etc.

Students can stay abroad within the framework of programmes such as:

  • Erasmus+ - study, internship
  • CEEPUS - study
  • Leonardo - internship
  • Aktion - study
  • DAAD, etc.

Furthermore, bilateral agreements enable study stays and internships mainly out of Europe, for example in the USA, Thailand, Canada, Russia or in the Republic of South Africa. Since September 2010, Mendel University is also a partner in Erasmus Mundus project for lot 9 - CENTAURI.

Students can participate also in summer schools organized by Mendel University.