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Learning facilities

University library

The Central library has a collection of 380 000 volumes. They provide different services:

  • Loan services
  • Reprographic services
  • Interlibrary loans services
  • Search services
  • Consultant services
  • Journals exchange

Study and computer rooms

The library includes a study room with foreign periodicals and 20 computers, and a central computer room with 62 computers (all of them with the access to the Internet) and about 150 seats. Other computer rooms and paid photocopier services are also available. Each faculty department is fully equipped with PCs and other facilities for teaching and research work. There is a wireless internet connection throughout the university campus.

  • Information centre
  • Study room
  • Magazine reading room

Language courses at the Department of Languages

The Department of Languages offers the following courses: English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian and Czech language. 

Forest Training Enterprise (Masaryk Forest) at Křtiny

The Forest Training Enterprise at Křtiny is an extensive forest in the ownership of Mendel University. Its area is used for hands-on training of students majoring in Forestry, Landscaping and Wood Technology and it is a special place for pedagogical, research and experimental tasks. The whole area is open to visitors to see the forest nursery "Jezírko" (Lake) or social or cultural programmes in the nearby village castle.

The area of the Forest Training Enterprise at Křtiny stretches out from the north line of the district of Brno to the town of Blansko. This relatively small area is mainly covered with mixed forest (spruce, pine, larch and broadleaf beech and oak); its terrain is rugged with deep valleys especially along the river Svitava and the Křtiny river. One third of the area of the university forest is located in the territory of the Moravian Karst Nature Reserve. The long-term research program is linked with scientific and pedagogical activities and cooperation with institutions in the EU, Russia, China, Latin America and other countries.

A total of 19 small-area nature reserves have been established in the territory of the Training Enterprise in the course of time. Today, arboreta at Řícmanice, Habrůvka and Křtiny are used for study purposes and as recreational grounds for the public. Natural springs are recorded and forest wells are built. Several monuments dedicated to foresters, artists and nature lovers are scattered all over the area.

University Training Farm at Žabčice

Established over the period of 1922-1925, the university training farm at Žabčice has been a specific agricultural estate within the Czech Republic for more than 80 years. Its current status dates back to 2001 when two independent training enterprises merged.

The main goal of the farm is to provide space and facilities for teaching and training full-time students, scientific and research tasks and diploma projects together with research, development, demonstration and consulting activities in the fields of plant, animal and special production. The farm is frequently used by staff and students of the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences and other colleges and vocational schools of the South Moravian Region for practical instruction.

Botanical Garden and Arboretum

The total area of the botanical garden and arboretum located in the vicinity of the university campus in Brno-Černá Pole is approximately 11 hectares. The core of the garden was founded in 1938 by Professor A. Bayer as a collection of tree species (arboretum) to meet the needs of forest engineers; later it was gradually enlarged and enriched according to the plans of Professor I. Otruba. The architectural design of the place is outstanding and the unique rockeries are remarkable. About 9,000 taxa of plants are planted in outdoor beds, and about 4000 taxa of tropical orchids grow in the greenhouses. A laboratory for orchid propagation is an integral part of the collection.

The whole area is open to the public twice a year. Visitors can enjoy exhibitions of irises called "Iris" that takes place over the last weekend in May, "Colours of the Fall" in late September, and once in several years an orchid show in early spring. Ban on smoking applies in the premises.

The Counselling Centre at the Institute of Lifelong Learning offers

  • Soft-skill courses and training, e.g. communicative skills, presentation skills, assertiveness, team work, time management;
  • Preparatory courses that help students be successful on the job market. You will be instructed e.g. how to write an impressive CV or a cover letter in Czech and English, how to behave at an interview, or you can try the Assessment Centre;
  • Career counselling that helps analyze your personality, understand your strengths and weaknesses and develop your strengths;
  • Psychological counselling;
  • Presentations of employers, other companies and experts that inform about job vacancies, job requirements, including information presentations for students with disabilities.

All activities are provided free of charge within the scope of the development project of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports "Synergy of university career advisory services" (the project is implemented in cooperation with ILE at the Technical University in Brno and the University Advisory Service of Masaryk University). Students with disabilities can take part in all activities of the  Counselling Center.