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Services for students with specific needs

Student with specific need is a person who has for example physical or sensory handicap, specific learning disability, autism spectrum disorder, mental or other chronic-somatic disorder. Services and counselling for students with specific needs are provided for free by Counselling and Career Centre. Our main goal is to eliminate obstacles in your study, to support your personal growth and to make you successful on the labour market.

Our crucial service is modification of study conditions – called as modification of study. Typically, this means an increase in exam time, access to study materials, securing barrier free premises, lending tools and technologies, assistance services, interpreting or speech-to-text-service, individual additional tutorial, drawing up individual study plan and others. Modification of study comes from students’ needs and current possibilities of university.

Counselling and Career Centre offers also for free psychological counselling (also in English) as well as legal counselling.

Mendel University is trying to satisfy students with different types of specific needs and is ready to help them to overcome their problems and difficult situations during their studies, which may arise in connection to their specific needs. Each faculty offers students with specific needs individual approach not only during their study time but also during whole exam period.

There are also many other organisations in Brno, which offer their services for free to people with specific needs, such as:

TyfloCentrum Brno, o.p.s. – services for clients with visual disabilities (impairments)

Unie neslyšících Brno – services for clients with hearing disabilities

Liga vozíčkářů – services for clients with mobility disabilities

Práh jižní Morava, z. ú. – services for clients with psychiatric disabilities

Paspoint, z. ú. – services for clients with autism spectrum disorders

Anabell – services for clients with eating disorders