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Sports and leisure facilities

Sport activities at MENDELU

Department of physical training offers sports activities in the Taufer Residence Hall premises such as aerobics, basketball, fitball, floorball, football, fitness and body building exercises, skiing, spinning, table tennis, tennis and volleyball. There is also a boathouse in the district of Pisárky, where students can enjoy canoeing; the Tesla swimming pool in Lesná neighborhood offers aqua aerobics and swimming lessons and the Kometa swimming pool where students can practice swimming. Students can play ice-hockey in the ice-hockey hall in Úvoz Street and try sport shooting in the VUT (Technical University) firing range in Královo Pole. Summer and winter training courses are very popular, too.

International students can also join the University Sports Club (Vysokoškolský sportovní klub - VSK) which brings together people interested in high performance sports, not only from Mendel University but also from other colleges. In collaboration with other sports clubs, the University Club runs a lot of teams such as baseball, floorball, body building, orienteering, downhill skiing, table tennis, volleyball and windsurfing.

Besides university sport offer there are many places in Brno where students can do dozens of both outdoor and indoor sport activities. Brno Dam, easily accesible by public transport, is a popular site for swimming, ice-skating and outdoor recreation. The deeply wooded, hilly countryside to the north of Brno is criss-crossed by a maze of hiking trails in summer and cross-country ski trails in winter. To the south and east of the city, the country opens up into the low, rolling hills that provide the perfect conditions for the country's best vineyards and the new "wine trails" for hikers and cyclists that link them up.

Leisure activities

Brno offers many attractions. Populous enough to provide all the amenities of a large European urban centre, it also retains the kind of quiet, undisturbed charm. It holds various cultural events, festivals such as "Brno - City in the Centre of Europe" that is associated with an international fireworks competition "Ignis Brunensis"). Leisure-time activities cover the whole range from theatre, opera and ballet, clasical music and choral performances, through many galleries and museums (including the only one in the world devoted to the Roma), to countless clubs offering jazz, bluegrass and all forms of rock or pop. 

The city's many restaurants, pubs, cafes, wine-rooms and wine cellar, both within the historical city centre and elsewhere, offer ample opportunity for lively encountered and exchanges, to the accompaniement of Czech and international cuisine, the world's best beer, and outstanding local Moravian wines. The Brno Exhibition Centre, where many international trade fairs, exhibitions and congresses take place, is one of the most beautiful European Exhibiton Grounds from the 20s of the 20th century.


Moravian Library
Kounicova 65a , 601 87 Brno

The Jiri Mahen Library in Brno
Kobližná 4 , 601 50 Brno

The Moravian Gallery Library
Husova 18 , 662 26 Brno


Brno City museum

Menin Gate
Měnínská 7 , 602 00 Brno

Spilberk Castle
Špilberk 210/1, 662 24 Brno

Vila Tugendhat
Černopolní 45, 613 00 Brno

Moravian Provincial Museum

Pisárecký park - Masarykova 506/39, 602 00 Brno

Dietrichstein Palece
Zelný trh 8, 659 37 Brno

Leoš Janáček Museum
Smetanova 14, 602 00 Brno

Údolní 39, 602 00 Brno

Noble Women's Palace
Kobližná 1, 602 00 Brno

The Bishop's Countryard
Muzejní 298/1, 602 00 Brno

Moravian Galery

Museum of Applied Arts
Husova 14, 662 26 Brno

Prazak Palace
Husova 18, 662 26 Brno

Vice-Regency Palace
Moravské nám. 1a, 662 26 Brno

Technical Museum in Brno

Technical Museum in Brno
Purkyňova 105, 612 00 Brno

Technical Museum in Brno - Museum of the Blind
Purkyňova 105, 612 00 Brno

Technical Museum in Brno - Public Transport Premises
Holzova 4, 628 00 Brno

Some other museums

House of Art, Brno
Malinovského nám. 2, 602 00 Brno

Masaryk University - Mendel's Museum
Mendlovo nám. 1a, 603 00 Brno

Museum of Romany Culture
Bratislavská 67, 602 00 Brno

The Mahem Monument
Mahenova 8, 602 00 Brno


Bolek Polívka Theatre
Jakubské nám. 5, 602 00 Brno

Barka Theatre
Svatopluka Čecha 35a, 612 00 Brno

Theatre Líšeň
Obecká 13, 628 00 Brno

Theatre U stolu
Zelný trh 9, 602 00 Brno

Experimental Theatre Centrum
Zelný trh 9, 602 00 Brno

Poštovská 8d, 602 00 Brno

National Theatre
Dvořákova 11, 657 70 Brno

Polárka Theatre
Tučková 34, 602 00 Brno

Puppet Theatre Radost
Bratislavská 216/32, 602 00 Brno

The "V"
Veveří 133, 616 00 Brno

The City Theatre Brno
Lidická 16, 602 00 Brno

The Marta DIFA JAMU Theatre Studio
Bayerova 575/5, 602 00 Brno - střed

Husa na provázku Theatre
Zelný trh 9, 602 00 Brno