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Department of International Relations and Internationalization

Head of the office: Mgr. Michaela Veselá

Erasmus Mundus, International Degree Students: Ing. Samuel Antwi Darkwah, Ph.D. 

Erasmus+ incoming students; CEEPUS,  Bilateral Areements: Ing. Barbora Floriánová

Bilateral agreements (NON-Erasmus+); Erasmus + internships: Ing Bohdana Čechová

Institutional coordinator of Erasmus+ programme, International Credit Mobility: Mgr. Hana Kuzdasová

Erasmus+ outgoing students: Bc. Markéta Tomanová

Staff mobilities Erasmus+; Interinstitutional agreements for Erasmus+ programme: Mgr. Lenka Pitronová

List of Interational Relations Offices at faculties

Faculty of Agronomy

Faculty coordinator: Ing. Daniel Falta, Ph.D.
Contact person: Bc. Alena Hooperová

Faculty of Business and Economics

Faculty coordinator: Mgr. Marcel Ševela, Ph.D.
Contact person: Ing. Šárka Braunerová

Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology

Faculty coordinator: Dr. Ing. et Ing. Miroslav Kravka

Contact person: Mgr. Ing. David Sís

Faculty of Horticulture

Faculty coordinator:  Ing. Ivo Ondrášek, Ph.D.
Contact person: Ing. Jana Nečasová

Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies

Faculty coordinator: prof. Ing. Iva Živělová, CSc.
Contact person: Hana Kališová