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Academic authorities

prof. Ing. Danuše Nerudová, Ph.D.

Vice-rector for Educational Affairs
doc. RNDr. Irena Marková, CSc.

Vice-rector for Research and Innovation
prof. RNDr. Vojtěch Adam, Ph.D.

Vice-rector for Strategy and Development
doc. Ing. Martin Klimánek, Ph.D.

Vice-rector for Quality Management and Human Resources
doc. Ing. Mgr. Jitka Janová, Ph.D.

Vice-rector for International and Public Affairs
doc. Ing. Martina Lichovníková, Ph.D.


Faculty of AgriSciences
doc. Ing. Pavel Ryant, Ph.D.

Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology
prof. Dr. Ing. Libor Jankovský

Faculty of Business and Economics
doc. Ing. Pavel Žufan, Ph.D.

Faculty of Horticulture
prof. Ing. Robert Pokluda, Ph.D.

Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies
Ing. Jiří Schneider, Ph.D.

Institut of Lifelong Learning
Mgr. Petr Adamec, Ph.D.

Academic Senate