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Academic calendar

The length of an academic year is twelve calendar months. The beginning date is September 1, unless the Rector determines another date by the end of Febraury of the preceding academic year. The end of academic year is August 31.
A semester is the basic time unit for study plans, for control of their accomplishing, for result assessment and conditions for the enrollment in further studies.
Academic year is divided into a winter and a summer semester. Each semester consists of instruction period, examination period and vacations, excursions or practical training periods according to study programme. The instruction period may be divided into shorter intervals, e.g. blocks.
The time schedule for the academic year is given by timetables of MENDELU and its faculties and is set by the Rector after consulting with faculties. The timetables contain the schedule of an academic year, i.e. the beginning of a semester, instruction period, subject registration period, enrollment period, examination period, graduation and entrance proceedings, etc.


More detailed information about timetable here (only in Czech).